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About the Film

One late night in a college dorm, four socially inept geeks immerse themselves in a fantasy world of their own creation. As their characters journey through forbidden kingdoms, ancient ruins, and the forsaken wilderness, the players attempt to solve a mysterious puzzle that could ultimately mean the difference between getting a life and death. Who is The Shadow? Where is The Princess hidden? Will any of them ever find a date? And how long do they have before their annoyed neighbors call the cops?

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  1. The shadow

    I want another movie. Make it happen.

    • Garrett

      I’m glad you all are so dedicated to continuing this storyline. The first one I ever saw was Dorkiness Rising back in 2014 and now I’ve seen all of them so far and can’t wait to see what happens next to all these characters.

  2. Kyle

    You guys are amazing please keep more coming. My girlfriend thinks I am a super nerd but you guys keep me wanting to play! Do not stop!

  3. Fral Leman

    I loved Dorkness Rising so much, and just recently I found this gem! I’m sad to see no episode 2 though. I might be late to the party.

  4. Michael Christoglou

    is there a movie after the hand of fate? how does the story conclude?

  5. John M Kieffer

    Your films are literally the best gaming films out there. You nailed it with Dorkness Rising, and kept up the momentum with Hands of Fate. I frequently use Dorkness as the current epitome of a D&D movie. Where all the Hollywood productions based on tabletop games focus on some kind of fantasy story that has some kind of loose association with the game, you actually made your films in “The Gamers” series about the players playing the game, and it is my opinion that THAT is what makes any movie based on any tabletop gaming experience a fantastic movie (as are the films you have produced), or a craptacular flop.

    I don’t care if you guys take your time to produce more, because you have made excellent films and I can wait for the kind of content you produce. But please produce more for The Gamers. These films are such a joy.

  6. I discovered this movie after a night of playing Vampire the Masquerade. Since then it has been my go-to whenever I feel down or lost. It’s incredibly entertaining, but it’s also a pillar in the temple to the memory of some of the best years of my life.

    Thank you for making this movie. Thank you for giving those of us who game many laughs and some relatable and representative media which means so much.

    Dead Gentlemen Productions forever!

  7. Stefn

    I’ve been using The Gamers series as a guide on what to do and not do as both a player qnd DM! Fantastic art, story-telling, and hugely helpful for the 7 games I run for family and friends. Deeply appreciative for all y’all!

  8. Scott Littles

    I have seen all of the movies and TV shows. I even had the pleasure of now being able to enjoy them with my two teenage sons. I hope you guys make more videos! Hell you could have us donate money by tiers and if you donate a certain amount you could be an extra in the next project.

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