What? We’ve been busy!

Don Early here. I’ll be honest, I am definitely ashamed not having updated this site in 12 months. Wow. 12 months. I gotta talk about Gamers, Demon Hunters and more. But hey, websites have become less of a place people go to check us out. I mean Facebook and Twitter seems to get the most interaction these days and we kind of live there. So, what’s happened in the last 12 months, and what’s happening this year?

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Definitive Edition Blu-Ray

Buy the Blu-Ray!

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With your help we raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter and brought you this amazing Blu-Ray of our classic gamer film, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Packed with even more special features, including a new short film that brings together the cast from the original The Gamers with the Dorkness cast! It introduces our new upcoming property, The Gamers: The Series. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So click on bluray to buy your copy today! No seriously, we’re still paying back the investors, so stock up. We need the money. 🙂

Distributed by Paizo, so you can also get your local game stores to stock this!

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors RPG

Order the Leatherbound Hardcover!

Order the Leatherbound Hardcover!

We finally finished this amazing book, also with your terrific Kickstarter dollars! Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors is a roleplaying game that blends comedy and action-horror in a modern day world where agents of a mysterious Brotherhood confront supernatural threats from folklore and myth with their own extraordinary talents.

The game uses standard polyhedral dice and a variation of the popular Fate Accelerated and Fate Core game rules. Players can get set up quickly and GMs can make use of story-generating charts and tables to create scenarios both scary and side-splittingly funny.

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors is written and designed by multiple award winning game designers Cam Banks and Amanda Valentine, with original material by independent film creators Don Early and Jenna McMichael, and writing by Nathan Rockwood.

Leatherbound Inside Cover

Print on Demand!

Click here to order your alternate cover, print on demand versions! Or just pick up the PDF. Cover Design by Ben Honeycutt

Click here to order your alternate cover, print on demand versions! Or just pick up the PDF. Cover Design by Ben Honeycutt

DriveThruRPG is our print on demand supplier. You can order a hardcover or a softcover. PDF is also available of course. You can get a ton of info at our site: www.demonhuntersrpg.com including ways to buy, loads of downloads like character sheets and Facebook Cover images, and of course the videos.

The Gamers: The Series


Thanks to the Zombie Orpheus Patreon Campaign we are co-producing with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, The Gamers: The Series. Reuniting the original cast from The Gamers, the story explores what they’ve been doing here in our world for the past 15 years. Newmoon, Nimble, Magellan, Rogar and Mark will have to reunite and defeat The Shadow yet again, as they try to get back to their home realm. This project will bridge many events from the entire The Gamers trilogy so far, with hopes of leading up to the untitled project, The Gamers 4.

Click here to become a patron of The Gamers: The Series, for even just $1/mo

Click here to become a patron of The Gamers: The Series, for even just $1/mo

You can check out The Gamers: The Series, Season 0 below, which includes the short film mentioned above from The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Blu-Ray Kickstarter. Season 0 will be 5 episodes total (not including The Gamers: To Be Continued), and they will individually focus on Newmoon, Nimble, Magellan, Rogar, and Mark, respectively. The Mark episode will also heavily feature the famed The Gamers villain, The Shadow! The Shadow? The Shadow.

We are in development of Season 1 right now, and you can look forward to a Kickstarter coming soon to help fund it.

What’s next in 2016?


Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors Players Guide & Adventure PDFs

We still have a lot of work to do on two supporting PDFs. The first is the Players Guide, which may or may not be the actual title. This supplement will contain:

  • Character archetypes with pre-stat’d Approach & Discipline arrays
  • A random Concept Aspect Generator
  • More advice on writing good aspects
  • Consolidated TL:DR rules from the corebook
  • 6 fully stat’d out Demon Hunters teams (Over 30 playable characters thanks to Kickstarter backers!)

The Burnout! Adventure PDF will contain several simplified adventures that have elements that you can randomize using tables in the corebook to help make each adventure different every time you play it.

JourneyQuest Season 3

While we’re not involved with this project, it’s worth mentioning that the long-awaited Zombie Orpheus Entertainment production, JourneyQuest Season 3 has completed a successful Kickstarter, raising over $420,000 in a nailbiting Kickstarter finish! Principal photography begins in April.

You can check out more info & updates at The JourneyQuest Kickstarter Page

Don’t forget to follow on Facebook at: Zombie Orpheus Entertainment’s Facebook Page


No it isn’t dead. Our “Monthly” DG podcast has been on hiatus since December of 2015. We’ve all been super busy with all the above mentioned projects. Nevertheless, Dead.FM WILL return very soon. We’re discussing new show features and formats, and will hopefully get back on track in the next couple months. So stay tuned. Or don’t. We probably won’t know either way.

The Gamers: The Series

More episodes coming. Kickstarter coming. I’ve already talked about that.

Untitled Demon Hunters Series

No this isn’t Demon Hunters: Red Tape. Although that one is coming, just probably not in 2016. This Untitled Demon Hunters series is currently in development and will be an ongoing show where each episode will be self-contained, “slice of life” type of stories or sketches, within the world of the Demon Hunters. These will be up to about 10 minutes long each. More to come on this.

Gen Con 2016

Don Early and Chris Duppenthaler will be there, along with the Zombie Orpheus crew! We’re hoping to sneak ourselves into Gamers Live!, so we’ll see. We are also running 20 rpg sessions of Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors!!! GM’s are in training now, and depending on demand, we may add more. That means we might still be looking for GMs. We’re offering a 4-day GM Badge to Gen Con if you become one of our GM’s this year. Flight/travel to the convention and hotel are not included, so you probably should already be going. We’re going to be heavily promoting the new RPG, as well as The Gamers: the Series, and everything else I’ve mentioned already.

Up in the air, or possibly 2017

The Demon Hunters Comic – There’s still a lot of art to catch up on, so this comic isn’t returning until the Patreon is caught up, the RPG is totally done, and we have a few pages completed. Draw, Ben! Draw!

Demon Hunters: Red Tape – Believe me, there IS a plan for this and it’s likely going to land in 2017. The story is amazing. The episodes are hilarious. You’re seriously going to love this.

The Gamers 4 – We will begin development after the first season of The Gamers: The Series is complete.

SUPER SECRET 2017 PROJECT – We have begun development on a super secret project. We’re going to announce it at Gen Con 2016. Stay tuned! And by “Stay Tuned” I should probably mean watch our Facebook page because you already know how much I don’t update this site.

I should just carve out some writing time and make this my personal blog. Get ready for food pictures, 80’s nostalgia, movie rants, and reflections on internal longings.