Enjoying the online Demon Hunters Campaign that we’re broadcasting once a month? Want to get more involved? I need your help. I’m looking for adventure/session summaries of our game sessions. I don’t need a transcript, but the sort of campaign notes you might do for your own campaign.

Each person who submits a summary will be credited on our Adventure Log on our Obsidian Portal campaign site.  Additionally, you may offer any of the following that I MUST use in the following session, within reason. As the GM I always reserve the veto right, however you’ll find that I’m quite collaborative, so I’m sure we can make something work:

  • An NPC: name, backstory, whatever you want
  • An item of some significance
  • A location where part of the next mission must take place. (e.g., The men’s bathroom at a carnival; a highrise building in Hong Kong; the cafeteria at a local college campus; etc.)
  • A one-liner, or line of dialogue. Could be a catch phrase. Could be something the villain has to include in its monologue. I’ll work with you on that.

Finally, each person who submits a summary will be entered to win a seat at the virtual table. Just you, me, and however many of these lazy DG crapsacks I can track down on a Monday evening. To play, you must have a reliable internet connection, webcam, and ability to make our game time.

Each entry must be a minimum of 400 words.

This contest is retroactive to our first session, which can be found below.

Submit your Session Summary!