Rigor Mortis

Recovering Vampire, Acrobatic Assassin, and Brotherhood Agent

Rigor Mortis

Historically, the Brotherhood’s had no love for vampires. They’ve got a zero tolerance policy regarding feeding on humans, and vamps don’t really have a choice in the matter. That changed with Vitamin-V: a fully-synthetic blood substitute developed by the Brotherhood’s Mad Science division. All they needed was a test subject.

They found her chained up in the basement of a sick piece of work who called himself “The Master” (the guy had clearly drunk deep of the Stoker Kool-Aid). The poor girl had been held in thrall for decades. You can pretty it up with all the fancy words you want, but at its core, it’s mind slavery. He’d wiped away every trace of her past and forced her to commit atrocities for his amusement. He didn’t even let her keep her name.

Her salvation came at the hands of a Brotherhood strike team. A sudden clarity that made her realize the Master had been killed. She expected she’d be next, and readied herself for a stake through the heart. What she got instead was a bag over her head and a powerful sedative.

She awoke cuffed to a heavy metal table across from an elderly Scottish man with kind eyes and a wry smile. He introduced himself as Kincaid, and offered her two things: a glass of Vitamin-V, and an opportunity. Come work for the Brotherhood. Use the powers she’d been cursed with to save others from monsters like the Master. She liked the sound of that.

It’s been an uphill battle. The other agents haven’t exactly been accepting. She hears the things they call her behind her back. Drac. Vlad. Blood-Chugger. Rigor Mortis…

Rigor Mortis.

She likes that one. Maybe she’ll keep it.

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